Saturday, October 2, 2010

Acting for Stimulation of An Aircraft Crash

Date: 2nd October 2010
Placd: Apartment Sri Ara Damansara II
Gadget: Cell Phone
Time: 2030 hours

I am so sorry cuz did not update you a couple of days ago . Busy lah dear .
For this time, i'm really need you to listen my stories . I'm begging you . Be understanding for me .
I am flying without anyone support me. You know what it's meaning ? Saya terbang tanpa orang sokong saya . Haha. No lah. Mksudnya, n0w, my life without someone that always hold my spirit n my soul . But , i already have take mine ! My whole soul and spirit hve i hold by my ownself. I do n0t need to pull anyone to hold myself. Bcuz i can do it alone . Just think positive okay . I'm happy now . Cuz have friends and instructors that always make a different way in my life. Apisz, ikhwan , amir arifin ,all my fellow friends , mr. Hakim my beloved instructor, miss Yang Azura my sweetest instructor, miss silvia my new friend from German ! I love all of them and everyone in METC building ! I have them. BUT ! it doesn't mean that i should forget all my friends from my previous school or from anywhere bfore. Of course I am not supposed to forget bout them . Nama pun friends forever kan . That's all about my new life.

Dear ,
I have one more story . A couple of a last night ago , i am selected by miss saw yim to acting in stimulation of aircraft crashed on the runway . Haha. Giler weyh.. Real darah dia ! Then , miss yang have a friend come from German named Miss Silvia . She doesn't know to speak or understand in Malay . Tibe2, Miss Yang tnjuk aku ! Dia amanahkan aku jaga Germanish tu n be her translater when we are acting . Bcuz Miss Yang are not participate . Giler weyh ! Dlm bas, bomba tu bg arahan dlm malay. Then ,
Miss Yang : ''you, translation for her . '' aku dah sengih2 segan nk ckp. Miss silvia tgu je. miss yang duduk seblah aku n dgr aku ckp .
Me: '' miss, when we arrive there, we should listen all of their instruction.. Then , wait for fire to.......sue, 'padam' apa dlm B.I ? ''
Miss yang: to put out !
Haha. Aku da sengeh2 cuak dgn dia. Naseb dia cantik n sweet. Haha.
Then, yg slebihnya miss yang azura translate. Tp yg best, miss silvia faham apa aku ckp even pron0uns tah pape. Then, aku memang btol2 jdik translater dia. Time dah smpai Skypark Firefly , aku n miss silvia tu brlak0n smpai keluar dkat entrance. Then , hbis. Tpi both of us tk tau nk bt apa. Miss tu da cuak cuz dia foreign kan. Then, aku berusaha ckp sefaham yg dia boleh faham. Haha. Sronok wei ! Memang after aku borak2 dgn dia, dlm class aku da brani nk memekak even dlm english. Haha (berlagak giler) ikhwan n apisz cam mangang je sje kaco aku. Diorang bg aku nama 'potite' asal dri prkataan 'petite' means a girl or woman that are small , thin n attractive.. Like miss jehan. Tpi aku an gem0k, besar, tggi n tk attractive lgsung. That's why diorang pgl aku nama tu. Haha. Beng0ng ! Mr. Hakim pun layan. Pape pun , memang best giler woo !! Seriously ! After that, miss silvia always lambai2 tgn n gve a sparkling smile kat aku .. I wanna have more conversation with her again then ! That's all...