Friday, February 24, 2012


Wednesday, February 15, 2012



aku tahu salah aku. aku tahu aku teruk. dah terlanjur kata. mana boleh patah balik. too much apologizes. and still not working.
"hello, can i get your number phone please?"
'ya! 0127406509. can i get a taxi please?'
"okay miss, where are you now? and where do you want to go?"
'erm. now, i'm at sri ara damansara apartment. wanna go to subang suria.'
"which one subang suria, miss? YPJ? kota damansara high or ......(unknown)..perdana?"
'erm......i am not sure about that. i just know it was apartment subang suria'
"listen miss, when u are already confirm where you want to go, you can call us back okay. bye.....(tut...tut...tut..)"

waiting the taxi about 2 hours. in a heavy rain, lightning. erk. tk kesah lah taufan ke apa. tpi teksi tkde jugak. crying under the tree ... alone(mcm drama kan?) ya.. it is my drama. maybe tkde taxi sbb Dia tk benarkan aku pergi carik si dia kat sana. mana tahu. smpai maghrib, naik atas menangis.. dalam kebasahan.. kam0,i am not regret to loving you. but, if this is the way, i am trying to accept it. even too pain. ignoring and leaving me without any words. hiba... "come on, bukanlah teruk mana." (sedangkan melalak dalam selimut) hehe :'D bangun lah fatin... nobody knows how sick it is.. just keep it secretly.. and smile :)~

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

baby i'm sorry :'(

mungkin saya dah buat keadaan keruh and dah teruk smpai mcm nih skali kan. can't fix it anymore. ya i am blaming myself. "budus lah ko ni faten! just bcuz of the date ko dah jadik giler!" and aku faham dia marah kat aku sbb aku push dia LAGI.. and aku call rumah dia banyak kali even tkde org angkat. at last dia yg angkt and marah2. and he hang the call. at that night, again aku call phone dia and disturb him in sleeping .. and of course he hang it again. tgh tido kan. btw, his last move towards me, hang the phone. and whatever text i gve him, how many times i call he didnt answer even once. some said that its not over until it's really over. too much apologizes but the result is still the same. thanks for everythings u did for me :') i really really appreciate it. and terharu.. i hope u always in a good health. and always be happy :D and good luck for your license. it is a hard time for us kan. i'm sorry.. Wassalam~