Saturday, April 30, 2011

it is pain but he is medicine

last week, we were got some trouble. i'm shocked. i'm speechless. i only can shut my mouth up. and pretend like nothing happen. all my blood comes up of my head. my face pale. i can't stand and walk properly. i can't breath properly. my heart slowly tears and leave a deep scars. i can't hold. and he keep called me. and he said

and he keeps saying that.. also..


the past let it be the past. cuz

u've promised me something. u said..

and please do it...

fizzy... u've told me something that i was like it so much!

and now, u take care of me, u never ignoring me.i just wanna say..

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the most thing that i need to tell you is..

we are fans of MADDIE JANE !

Maddi Jane is another really young rising star. It’s crazy, with all this young talent the demographic on the radio is gonna be below the age of 17! However, I hope most of the people I post on here never make it mainstream. Is that selfish? Well, I take that back, I want them to go mainstream--just with their own label! That way they can make their own music and what they’re passionate about.

well..well..well.. fizzy looks like fallin' love with MADDIE JANE. it's okay. cuz i believe that he won't get this cute girl ever :p haha. by the way, i admit that she is cute and awesome! her voice make me :D haha. fizzy likes one of her hair style

good fizzy.. well, u have a great taste, ya?? haha. here i include some of her photo. she is nice and good looking. enjoy!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011



>hangar wall

2)Regular Overtime & Labour
>more manpower
>provide sophisticated equipment

3)Repair To Dock Stands & Hangar Wall
>suffer massive amount of cost

4)Loss of Bay During Repair Duration
>assigned bay
>temporarily out of bound to other aircraft
>negative impressions to airline reputations

5)Delayed On Third Party Maintenance For Other Aircraft
>defered maintenance
>large amount of cost to responsible airline

6)Operational Complications Due To Aircraft Unavailability
>flight cancel due to aircraft shortage
>customer services

7)Investigation & Remediation
>Involved technical & services
>quality assurance
>time wasted

study module 9 (human factors)

Engineering Working Environment
1)Workplace, layout, cleanliness and general tidiness
*storage facilities
*tolls, manuals, information
2)Proper provision and use of safety equipment and signage
*non-slip surfaces
*safety harness
3)storange and use of toxic chemicals and fluids
*avoid confusion
*clear labelling
*store in different locations
*proper labelling

Human Factors Issues In Hangar
1)vast areas and high ceilings
*inadequate natural light
*difficult light properly
2)PA difficult to hear
*echo, space wide
3)Problem controlling temperature and humidity
*no doors(hot climate)
*large doors(cold climate)
4)usage of elevated teleplatforms
*massive aircraft
5)workplace clustered aorund aircraft
*floor, each line
*limited space

hm... baru study smpai 9.5.. belum 9.9 lagi.. protes ramai2 malas nak study. cuz tak smpat. tah pape. hahahaha. apa pun, apa yg aku dah study, tu je yg aku mampu buat untuk exam this saturday..

Monday, April 11, 2011

halo buddy!!

hai sygs,, hehe.. this entry ditujukan untuk group HACKS, kak bie and for him :)) rindu giler kat korang weyh. btw, korang smua dah tahu pasal aku and him kan?? :p agak2 korang?? shock tak?? saper suruh pakwe aku yg dulu tinggalkan aku kan.. hahaha.. menggelabah pulak aku nih.. hm... serious rindu korang doe.. jom hang out!!!!!!!!!!!! aku dah sangap giler dgn korang nih.. hahahaha.. ieka,, just keep going with our relationship okay.. haha.. fifiey, thanks for this belog.. lawa sgt2.. kina, woi!! aku rindu ko lah gemok!! nak cium ko.. haha.. and smuanya.. aku nak jmpa korang scara ramai2 mcm dulu!!! sorry tak larat nak taip pnjang2 semua nama.. aku tak prnah dpt join korang kan.. bila korang nak buat gathering, jgn buat jauh2.. aku boleh kat k.l ni je.. lagipon, slalunya bila korang cuti sem, aku still terperap kat sini.. aku jarang dapat cuti mcm korang lah.. please... betul2 nak jmpa korang....... oh ya... kak bie, i really miss you damn much!!! take care and chaiyok2 okay ;) always pray for you.. ingat yea.. and last but not least,, si dia.. lu jgn nak menggedik kembang semangkuk der kene puji dgn member2 gua.. hahaha..