Saturday, April 30, 2011

we are fans of MADDIE JANE !

Maddi Jane is another really young rising star. It’s crazy, with all this young talent the demographic on the radio is gonna be below the age of 17! However, I hope most of the people I post on here never make it mainstream. Is that selfish? Well, I take that back, I want them to go mainstream--just with their own label! That way they can make their own music and what they’re passionate about.

well..well..well.. fizzy looks like fallin' love with MADDIE JANE. it's okay. cuz i believe that he won't get this cute girl ever :p haha. by the way, i admit that she is cute and awesome! her voice make me :D haha. fizzy likes one of her hair style

good fizzy.. well, u have a great taste, ya?? haha. here i include some of her photo. she is nice and good looking. enjoy!

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