Wednesday, April 20, 2011

study module 9 (human factors)

Engineering Working Environment
1)Workplace, layout, cleanliness and general tidiness
*storage facilities
*tolls, manuals, information
2)Proper provision and use of safety equipment and signage
*non-slip surfaces
*safety harness
3)storange and use of toxic chemicals and fluids
*avoid confusion
*clear labelling
*store in different locations
*proper labelling

Human Factors Issues In Hangar
1)vast areas and high ceilings
*inadequate natural light
*difficult light properly
2)PA difficult to hear
*echo, space wide
3)Problem controlling temperature and humidity
*no doors(hot climate)
*large doors(cold climate)
4)usage of elevated teleplatforms
*massive aircraft
5)workplace clustered aorund aircraft
*floor, each line
*limited space

hm... baru study smpai 9.5.. belum 9.9 lagi.. protes ramai2 malas nak study. cuz tak smpat. tah pape. hahahaha. apa pun, apa yg aku dah study, tu je yg aku mampu buat untuk exam this saturday..

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