Monday, September 6, 2010

Dapat cuti lambat ? =_-"

Place: apartment sri ara II
Tools: handphone
Mood: baru habis class
Descripti0n: is suddenly blur in da class and can't pay attention . Sad .

Salam. Today is days 20 for Intensive English Programme. Usually, i'm always speak and give a nice feedback to mr.Hakim and da class. But, not for today. Today i'm shy and doesn't enjoyed with everyone. I don't know why. I'm fear with the show and tell, perhaps. I think my stomach will hve a butterfly after eid mubarak. Amir ariffin and i hve took a good inisiatif. We gve our outline early. I thought that tom0rrow just need to submit da outline n no feedback from mr.hakim. But it's fine. When mr.hakim checking my outline, he's smile and said , "i have 14 teddy bear in my home(in smiling)" oh yeah. He make me jealous. =_- saje je. Haha. But who cares ?
He ask me to ask the big teddy bear from my soulmate. Haha ! Is she ? I don't think so. Huhu . But, sikit pun tak kesah . Dia da jmpa future husband perhaps. So, let her with da way. Luqmanul.....cross in my mind. He will gone from my heart bcoz i have to do ! He annoying me. And ada dia kesah dgn aku ? Haha. The same words i gve u, darling. Go ahead. N0w, let me focus on da class, eid mubarak , family and... Someone that cares n waiting for me. But we got the late holidays ! Oh man. Nak balik kampung awal ! Tapi, takpela. Bila2 boley enjoy. Yg penting, kakak n kak an jemput den n get m0re m0ney in dis eid mubarak like unclose pipe ! Haha ! To much... Blablabla... Penat bebel even english ta pape :p i try my best. Adios.

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