Monday, November 15, 2010

Finish re-exam of IELTS.

relief.... haha Alhamdulillah.. everythings are fine so far..
listening, reading, and writing, okayh.. but just wait for the results lah.. M
iss Aliah da sengeh2 tiap kali bukak soalan..
hehe. actually, we've got to know about the writing topic bfore we start the exam..
and sempat study.. okayh lah.. now, tggu hari Khamis tuk speaking..
i'll try my best !. eh ! salah.. i will DO my best..
alamk.. dah ramai guys dalam resources centre nih..
aku tak boleh nak stay dgn diorang lama2..
lagi2 dgn senior.. takut seyh.. okaylah..
that's all.. bubye :) to MIss Aliah: thankyou very much..
Mr. Hakim: much obliged cuz he being my good motivater :))))

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