Thursday, January 5, 2012

poem 2012

i am busy. and will make myself in busy. with books and pen. with brain and body movement. with sight and voice. with heart and nerves. with hardworking and force. with doa and tawakal.

i am looking at you. but it just keep safely apart of my little heart. i am going to forget the past. but i just take it as my motivater for future.

every pious has their past. and every sinner has their future.

when i'm silent, it means that i'm speaking. but when i'm speaking, it means that i am silent.

*i already divided my heart in balance. so theres no one will be my obstacle. because i believe on fate and destiny of Him. Insyaallah everyting would be fine :') and everything happened would have their own rewards. :) Insyaallah..~

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