Friday, July 15, 2011

just let it be how it goes.

Not as a couple, not as a friends. but somethings special bout us. bygone let it be bygone. Just focus on the present for the future. But not too focus on the future until the present ignored, because the present will distract and everyhtings are ruining up. And then, the future is also will being nothing. Think, think and think about this. Ketentuan-Nya siapa yang tahu kan :) i'll try make it as a positive and everyone are satisfied. My guard is my guard and will be my immortal guard.. until the time is coming. I mean, until i get married :) hehe. I still love him as anyone. I don't care whoever we are. tak perlu nak jalinkan satu ikatan untuk sayang seseorang kan :) as long as i'm happy, as long as he's happy. That's enough. Enough for today. oh ya, nak balik kampung mak jap lagi. :))))

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