Monday, July 25, 2011

passed ELP :)

"good nite little angel.." message that i received last night :) today. just trying to be strong.. and egois. but he's totally different. he's too friendly. make me flirting again. macam dulu. but i already told myself. to not overboard. so, i just stay cool :p poyo je kan. hm.. betul lah.. just be cool.. slowly.. then, i wonder how's he becomes totally happy today. siap puji saya kurus lagi. haha. mengarut. when afternoon, master parade time -___-" malasnya kan.. then, capten syahidan called one by one the trainees who passed their ELP examination. 1st name, anwarudin.. 2nd name, "Nur Afizzy bin Masjidi".. terus terdiam.. and tgn makin kuat pulak tepuk :') see... my tears slowly comes out.. sebak.. terharu.. terlampau happy sangat tengok dia dekat depan tu.. itu dia.. masa depan dia makin dekat dgn dia. semuanya atas usaha dia sendiri. congrats kamu :'') saya mendoakan kejayaan kamu.. tiba2 rasa sebak.. because i do sincere with him.. maybe it's not our time.. it's okay. slowly we moving on.. together.. but, my essay (module 7) failed. erm.. but i dont know why i'm not too frusted like before. smpai makan pun takde selere dulu. bila difikirkan balik.. his award, make me sooo happy.. i'm happy when he's happy :') saya boleh cuba lagi kan.. tah niah kamu.. jaga diri baik2.. i have to kan??

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