Saturday, July 23, 2011

what should i do now?

you.. for every single words typed here, please do not misunderstand. not my intention to tell the world bout every things. they didnt understand what i meant here. now, you deserve have a better life than before. you deserve have a good partner than me. i wouldn't force you into anything anymore. i am so sorry bout everything. i'm keep forcing you from late until now. i am so sorry bout that. and so sorry bout anything that happened, that make you hurt. and, a big thanks for you because u helped me a lot when i really need a favor. in anytime... thank you, kamu. i would miss you. i'll let you go. create your new story with new place with new life. if, we meet face to face, idk yet what should i do. i hope when i smile at you, u'll smile back at me.. like this, at least :) that's enough. i am moving on. i am moving forward with new life maybe. i do sincere towards you. i hope, u'll be much happier after all these. enjoy with all your friends and your life. i would miss you so much :'( like i said. this song is special for you and that is the last. take care of yourself. semoga kita akan berjumpa lagi dengan diri masing2 yang baru :'( i'll never forget the all memories. thank you for everything, Fireknuckle a.k.a Nova1 :'''( saya mendoakan kejayaan kamu sehingga kamu dapat LAE, sehingga kamu kahwin, sehingga kamu tua.. saya mendoakan kamu untuk dunia dan akhirat.. Assalamualaikum..

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