Monday, October 24, 2011

how could i tell you?

idk how to tell you. i know, when i tell you, probably u won't believe it. and just ignore that, perhaps. should i tell everything? is it worth when i let you know about everything? dulu semuanya indah :) 1st love katakan. but semua tu sekejap je. i wont say anything further more.
i dont want create anything problems. Redha fatin.. Redha.. jangan asyik nak nangis je tahu!!
u know what?
i dunno lah either this is worthy or not if i'm telling you. but, i am standing here. just looking at you. i have my own life. yes i do! but boleh faham tak? u are my life. MY EVERYTHING. and you complete me. but i still know that i'm not the top one in your heart.
i know. all the hints that u gave me. i do understand it. heh :) tak kesian pun cerita ni. tak sakit mana pun. and i'm not pretending.......
~stop crying, fatin*

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